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Sigma Tau Gamma - Epsilon Delta Chapter

111 Riverside Street

Lowell, MA  01854



Since its founding in 1992, the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma has been working hard towards its ultimate goal:  finding a house to call home.  Although the apartment complex known as “The Greens” had served the Fraternity well for over 10 years, the chaotic lifestyle of those that visited had taken a toll on the building, and subsequently the relationship with the landlord.  It was clear that sooner rather than later, the Fraternity needed out.


Although the Chapter had been searching for years, the high cost of actually purchasing a house combined with finding a suitable location made it very difficult, if not impossible, to even consider buying a house.  So maybe it was more luck than anything else when Epsilon Delta stumbled upon a building for sale within view of North Campus, right in the area of all the fraternities, at 111 Riverside Street.


At first it was just a “what if” situation, where the owner was contacted and asked for his price, and a 2 minute phone call ended with “thanks, we’ll contact you” with no intentions to do so.  The Chapter had no money, no co-signers, nobody with any real estate experience, and no idea how to even go about financing and owning a home.  Then an amazing thing happened – the Chapter came together as a whole, and one by one, obstacles were overcome.


Mark Gearin (Epsilon Class, #48), stepped forward as our real estate guy and became the main person driving this to happen.  Others backed him, and we shortly had a core group willing to co-sign on a house, should the impossible happen.  Next, a phone-a-thon for donations was conducted, and within a month the Chapter had raised $14,000.  The Active Chapter fundraised and kicked in a few thousand more, and with some negotiations with the owner, Epsilon Delta took the plunge, signed the paperwork, and suddenly were owners of something they had never had before – a house to call its own.


Work was far from done, however.  The house had 5 bedrooms, an unfinished attic, and an unfinished basement.  This simply wouldn’t do.  Renovations began immediately, completed by an outside contractor and a handful of skilled Alumni Brothers.  Within 8 months, the building was officially a 2-family house, with 6 bedrooms total (2 in the now-finished attic).  A second kitchen was installed, and exterior stairwells were put in.  The basement was gutted and rebuilt.  And less than a year after purchasing, the house is a home to 6 Brothers, (and a place to crash for over 200 others).


Most importantly, the house exists as a symbol of what can be accomplished by a group of determined, diverse individuals willing to work together for a common goal – that group being Sigma Tau Gamma - Epsilon Delta Chapter.